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INTRODUCTION is owned and operated by TIF TIFFY Denmark ApS, Co.Reg.No. 30 73 15 22, Address: TIF TIFFY, Hammerum Hovedgade 134, 7400 Herning. Telephone +45 92 22 30 70, E-Mail: These terms and conditions of sale and delivery are applicable when purchasing goods at for delivery to the following countries: Denmark (except Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria & Portugal.

ORDERING & PAYMENT is open 24-hours-a-day, and you can therefore shop at virtually any time. We might possibly have to close the shop for a short maintenance purposes, however. You can make purchases whenever the shop is open and accessible.

To shop at, you should be over 18 and in possession of a valid debit card that we accept. If you are not yet 18 years of age, you will still be able to purchase goods, if you have obtained your guardian's consent or are otherwise entitled legally to make the purchase. Select the goods you wish to purchase and place them in the on-line "shopping basket". Right up until the actual point of order, you are entitled to make changes to the items contained in the basket, and you can check the contents and prices of the goods on an ongoing basis.

Any extra payments for carriage and payment card fees, for example, will be calculated immediately before you are ready to make payment.

When you are ready to order, click on "CHECK OUT", where you key in your name, address, e-mail address, tel. no., method of payment and choose your method of delivery.

You can change the content of your basket right up to the point at which you confirm your purchase by pressing the "PAY NOW" button.

All the quoted prices for goods, delivery costs and any other costs are inclusive of all taxes, VAT and fees. The prices on the website are shown in two currencies, the Danish krone and Euro, depending on what country you are from. Please use the country selection function at the top of the home page if you wish to change your selected language (Danish & English). Please note that changing the country to which delivery is to be made, may influence the price and delivery costs.


If your order is made up of several items, we reserve the right to carry out separate deliveries. Separate deliveries may be necessary if certain goods are delayed or not in stock at the time the order is placed. You will be informed if your order is going to be subject to separate deliveries. In the event of separate deliveries, you will not be expected to pay any additional delivery charges.


To enable us to protect you and our other customers against fraud and to maintain a high level of security for on-line shopping, we may carry out verification checks. The verification check may cover the data you send when you place an order on our website, including your address and payment details.

Payment Methods

You can use following payment methods on our Web-shop:

·      VISA

·      PayPal

·      MasterCard

·      Maestro

·      VISA Electron

·      Mobile Pay

·      Shop Pay


We deliver to following countries:

·      Denmark (except Greenland and the Faroe Islands) – Expected Delivery Time 1-2 working days

·      Sweden – Expected Delivery Time 1-6 working days

·      Finland – Expected Delivery Time 4-5 working days

·      Belgium – Expected Delivery Time 2-3 working days

·      France – Expected Delivery Time 2-4 working days

·      Germany – Expected Delivery Time 2-4 working days

·      Austria – Expected Delivery Time 2-3 working days

·      Poland – Expected Delivery Time 2-3 working days

·      Spain – Expected Delivery Time 4 working days

·      Ireland – Expected Delivery Time 4-6 working days

·      Italy – Expected Delivery Time 3-6 working days

·      The Netherlands – Expected Delivery Time 2-3 working days

·      Luxembourg – Expected Delivery Time 2-3 working days

·      Portugal – Expected Delivery Time 4-5 working days

·      Croatia – Expected Delivery Time 3-4 working days

We are using different carriers depending on the destination. In Denmark we ship with GLS. For all other above destinations we use UPS.


There is a 30-day period in which you have the right of withdrawal when you shop at The period expires 30 days after you have received your item. If you notify TIF TIFFY that you have changed your mind about your purchase within 30 days of having received your item, TIF TIFFY will refund the purchase sum to your account as quickly as possible and no later than 30 days from the date on which we were informed of your desire to exercise your right of withdrawal. We will refund the sum once we have received the returned items.

You cannot change your mind simply by refusing receipt of the item without also having informed us that you will be doing so. To exercise the right to change your mind, you must notify the TIF TIFFY Customer Service of your decision to cancel this agreement in an unambiguous statement (e.g. a letter sent by the postal service or by e-mail to Further, you can use the standard-right-of-cancellation form below this page.

You should obtain a certificate of dispatch that proves you have returned the item in time. You are personally liable to pay any direct costs incurred in conjunction with the return of an item. We do not take receipt of packages sent COD. When making a return, you are responsible for ensuring that the item has been packaged properly. You will bear any risk connected with the item from the time at which the item was delivered.


If you change your mind about your purchase, the items can be returned to:


Hammerum Hovedgade 134

7400 Herning



We expect you to dispatch the items as quickly as possible once you have given notification of your change of mind, and you must return them within 30 days of changing your mind. You cannot change your mind just by refusing to take receipt or neglecting to pick up an item. Please note! We do not take receipt of packages sent COD.



All customers that receive a package in Denmark will also receive a GLS-return-label which has to be used latest 30 days after receiving the package. Please use the attached return label and place it on the package. Hand in the package on any GLS delivery point and the package will be sent free of charge.


When you place an order with us, you will receive an acknowledgement that we have received your order. However, the purchase agreement will only become binding once you have received an order confirmation from us.


You may lose your purchase amount, in full or partially. This will be the case if the value of the item is reduced because
• you have actually been using the item,
• it has been damaged, while you were responsible for it,
• you have handled the item in a manner other than that which was necessary to enable you to determine the item's type, properties and the manner in which it operates,
• you have not adhered to the restrictions applying to the right to change your mind, as relating to the seal, type of item, etc.


Your purchase is covered by Denmark's Sale of Goods Act, including the rules on defects. That means that you can either have a defective item repaired, exchanged, your money back or a reduction in price, depending on the specific circumstances. Obviously the claim needs to be substantiated, and the defect must not have arisen due to incorrect use of the product or any other such damaging behaviour.

As a customer, you are, of course, entitled to complain about items that have faults or defects that were present at the time the item was sold. Your right to make a claim is valid for 2 years and covers manufacturing and materials faults.


You must make your complaint within a "reasonable period" of having detected the defect in the item. If you make a complaint within two months of having detected the defect, the claim will always be in time. You can complain by contacting TIF TIFFY via e-mail to or by phone to +45 97 22 30 70. Depending on the specific circumstances, you will receive further instructions.

The item should be sent to:


Hammerum Hovedgade 134

7400 Herning


When returning an item, we request that you give as much detailed information as possible about the problem. This will facilitate our case management and will minimize handling process and time for the complaint.


If the complaint is justified, we will of course refund any reasonable carriage charges you incur in returning the item to us - Please contact us before sending anything back. Otherwise, you will have to cover all expenses for transport personally, including our carriage charges for the return of the item after examination. Remember that the item must always be sent properly packaged and with proof of dispatch. You are personally responsible for the package/items until they have been received at TIF TIFFY. For that reason, you should retain your certificate of posting including any information about carriage charges and any track-and-trace number.
Please note! We do not take receipt of packages sent COD or similar. We may withhold the refund until we have received the returned items.                            


We cannot be held responsible for any delays or non-observance of our obligations in relation to the Terms and Conditions, if the delay or the non-fulfilment is due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.


If you wish to complain about a purchase, please contact our customer service team In case we do not find a solution you can file a complaint to relevant boards in matters where conditions are met (www.forbrug.dk

Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen

Carl Jacobsensvej 35

2500 Valby

If you are a resident of another EU-country than Denmark, you can file a complaint to the European Commision Online Dispute Resolution here -


(If you wish to withdraw from the contract, please fill out this form and return it to us.)



Hammerum Hovedgade 134

7400 Herning



I herewith revoke the contract that I concluded concerning the purchase of the following goods/the provision of the following service:




Ordered on: _______________________________     Received on: _______________________________


Name of consumer: ______________________________________________________________________


Address of consumer:  ___________________________________________________________________


Signature of consumer: _________________________________________      Date: _________________

(only for notification on paper)


To be able to shop at, you must provide at least the following details:
• Name
• Address
• E-mail address
• Telephone/mobile number

Together with details of the goods you have purchased, the above data will be retained for 5 years from the end of the accounting year to which the details relate (see Section 10 of the Danish Bookkeeping Act), after which time the details will be deleted.

If you have set up a member-login to enable you to carry out self-service with us, your personal details and ordering information will not be deleted, however, unless you request that we do so.
No details will be passed on or sold to any third party, unless this takes place in conjunction with a restructuring or a complete or partial sale of the business. In that type of situation, details will only be passed on in compliance with current personal data protection legislation.

As a customer, it will be possible for you to find out about any data held about you, and you can object to an entry in accordance with the statutory regulations concerning the processing of personal details and any enquiries relating to this should be directed to TIF TIFFY Denmark ApS by e-mail

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