TIF TIFFY – Corporate Social Responsibility

TIF TIFFY has comitted to an international CSR standard which includes all business partners working with TIF TIFFY. Though we are a small company it is important for us to help fight social challenges that does not meet our expectations and thus contribute in any way possible. Therefore, we focus on doing business both ethically and environmentally correct. Find below our tree main CSR initiatives, which we constantly develop and evaluate:


 1. Human Rights and Labour Standards

 2. Anti-corruption

 3. Environmental Issues


Human Rights and Labour Standards

We believe that human rights are universal and belong to everyone equally – regardless of gender, age, race, sexuality, religious or political belief. We are very careful before entering working relations with anyone. When people are respected and treated well the general production and quality of the outcome follows hereafter. We are exclusively cooperating with partners that share same values as TIF TIFFY on human rights and labour Standards.


At TIF TIFFY, we denounce all forms of corruption whether it’s extortion, bribery, embezzlement etc. We are aware, depending on countries, that corruption culturally can be defined as normal or even necessary to do business. Nevertheless, it is in contrast with the values and beliefs of TIF TIFFY. Therefore, we make sure that anyone doing business with us strive towards a better business environment where corruption is eliminated.

Environmental Issues

We are committed to selecting and rewarding partners who share our respect for people and the environment, and who are willing to work with us to improve these practices. At TIF TIFFY, we strive to fight, internally and externally, against environmental issues and help everywhere possible. Internally, the company has strict guidelines for the presorting of stationary for later to be recycled. Externally, we make sure that our production and raw materials environmentally live up to our requirements.

Sustainanble yarns

A large percentage of our collections are produced from sustainable yarns which are certified by well-known international organizations - See here

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